Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pretty Paper Poufs!

In the past year or so, these paper pom poms exploded all over parties, dessert tables and even nurseries.  It's obvious why; they're fun, delicate, whimsy and just plain pretty. (1, 2, 3, 4)
After a little web surfing, I found the best deals on where you can get these paper delicacies here in Korea.  I found them at various specialty stores, like 10x10, but they were more expensive.

The best deal I came across was on Gmarket.  I found 3 great varieties.

#1 The Classic Tissue Paper Pom Pom Pouf:

Gmarket sold these in so many colors.  (Link here)This particular shop sold them in sets.  Each set contains 6 poufs , consisting of 3 different colors.  In total, they offer well over 20 different colors!  Considering the average price for a set is 5,000 won; each pouf is under 1,000 won!

#2 Accordion Style Paper Balls:
These accordion style balls are sold separately and they come in 3 sizes.  특대: Large, 대: Medium, 소: Small.  (Link here) They come in 14 different, beautiful colors.  I like how you can purchase them separately so you can choose your own color combinations and sizes.  These are slightly more expensive than the tissue paper poufs but these have the benefit of easy storing and reusing. 
#3 Paper Stars:
The paper stars are a little different.  I think they would look great mixed in with some of the poufs.  Perhaps even in a child's bedroom.  (Link here)
 If you're looking for some paper decorations for your party or home, I hope this helps!  I love finding ways to purchase pretty party things, at a decent price, here in Korea.  More party supply info to come!

PS:  My giant 3 foot round balloons came today.  When I opened the package I laughed.  They are hilariously big!  (that's them laying against my laptop!)

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